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Roasted Tomato Sauce: Simple And Delicious

Hey everybody!  Today’s guest post is brought to you from my good friend Tyler.  Besides being a fellow food enthusiast, Tyler is an awesome photographer and the behind-the-scenes backbone of this entire site, providing all sorts of techie support and being one of the guys behind the camera of my new videos you’ll see being posted in the upcoming weeks.  He told me the other day about this amazing tomato sauce and I asked him to share it on Shared Appetite.  Enjoy…

I was walking down an alley in the village of Monterosso when this amazing smell came my way. It seemed to be coming from this small restaurant around the corner. I took a seat on the patio at a small wrought iron table.  The meal was among the best I have ever had in my life.  I asked the waiter if I could speak to the chef.  To my surprise, an old Italian woman comes out from the kitchen.

She began to tell me the simple way she makes her sauce. Now I am sharing it with you.


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Sausage, Bean, and Spinach Soup

Soup Today’s post features a recipe that comes from a good friend of mine.  She and her husband are big foodies just like Asheley and I.  We love talking food, sharing our culinary adventures, and eating good eats together.

Lisa made this soup for us  a couple months ago on a cold winter day and it was so warming, so comforting, and most importantly, really delicious!  The sausage and potatoes in the soup make it really hearty, and the cheesy baguette crisps that top the soup add so much flavor and awesome texture!  I immediately asked her for the recipe and for permission to share this gem on Shared Appetite.  Enjoy, and thank you Lisa!



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