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best eats on Long Island

This #MyHomeTownGuide partner post  is sponsored by Fiji Water and Honest Cooking.  All views and opinions, as always, are completely my own.  Just located outside of NYC, Long Island is home to some great eats.  Here’s my guide to affordable yet spectacular eating on Long Island.

There are many, many conversations between Asheley and I about living in the city.  We love spending time there.  My car currently has 190,000 miles on it (…it’s a 2007) simply because of how much we drive to the city.

But then we think about not having a yard.  And where would my super awesome grill go?  And the fact that all our acquired stuff probably wouldn’t fit into what we could afford in city real estate.

Long Island is pretty awesome.  I’ve lived here all my life.  It’s both close enough and far enough from the city at the same time.  It’s my home.

A lot of my friends know me as “the food guy”.  Hey, where can we go out to eat?  I want to take my wife out… what’s a good restaurant around?  Now full disclosure:  typically when Asheley and I want to go out and eat, we head to the city.  It’s our “thing”.  Date night for us is a drive to the city and eating.  Period.

But there are 5 favorites I have here on Long Island.  Five places that I consistently go to for some seriously good food (2 of which are home of my all-time favorite meals ever).  And sure, the city is totally great, but it’s not my hometown.

You know that Ricky Martin commercial where he says “Welcome to my Puerto Rico.”  Haha, yup…

Welcome to my Long Island (complete with Long Island accent please).

If you asked me what I would want as my final meal on this planet, it would be a tie between Raan Thai and Noor Food.  And it’s funny, because the naive version of myself a few years back would have easily picked an upscale, fancy schmancy type place.  It would have been the choice that would try to impress other people through my advanced palate, impeccable tastes, and adventurous eating excursions.  But fast forward a few years, and I just want great food.  Who cares if it’s not getting picked up by every media outlet and being deemed trendy, hot, or the place to eat right now.  Who cares if it doesn’t have any awards or accolades.  And who cares if it’s off the beaten path in a sketchy strip mall (and really, often times those are the best places, anyway).

Check these places out…

1. Raan Thai

raan thai on Long Island

I have to thank my friends Steve and Valerie for this gem.  They introduced me to Raan Thai about a year ago and now I’m there every chance I get.  Asheley, who foolishly thought she didn’t like Thai food, became a convert at this very restaurant.

Raan Thai is one of those places that hasn’t gotten a lot of exposure.  I don’t even think they have a website.

Yup, just checked.  No website.

It’s located in a dingy, run down strip mall wedged between a tattoo parlor and a closed down nail salon and boarded up bar.  But walk inside, and you’ll be greeted by Apple’s warm smile.  She takes incredibly pride in her restaurant.  Remember that scene in The Wedding Singer when Adam Sandler is paid in meatballs by that old lady for the singing lesson?  And then she waits with uncontrollable anticipation to see his reaction at how he likes her food?  That’s Apple.  She loves sharing her love of food with others.

And p.s… if you haven’t seen The Wedding Singer, you have full permission to pause on reading the rest of this until you’ve accomplished that important task.

raan thai long island

My order, almost every single time… who am I kidding, every time… is this Chicken Pad See Ew.  Medium spicy.

It’s phenomenal.  It’s my ultimate comfort food.  Everything is good and right with the world when I have this plate of noodle perfection in front of me.

Another necessity… a side of their coconut rice.  Because coconut rice is good.  And Raan Thai coconut rice is great.

raan thai (long island)

I once overheard another table of 4 women trying to figure out what to order.  It was obvious that one was a regular and the other 3 didn’t even know there are other Asian dishes outside of takeout chicken and broccoli.  She kept talking about how they needed to order the Pineapple Fried Rice.

I kinda did that condescending, judgmental huff under my breath (I know, I’m a terrible person) because really, pineapple fried rice sounds like the chicken and broccoli of Thai cuisine.  It had to be something that they just served for us scared Long Island caucasians.


It smelled incredible, even from the next table.  I immediately ordered it next visit and now do so pretty much every time at this point.  And no, I’m not a fatty.  I eat half of my Pad See Ew and half of this rice, and bring the rest home.  I totally know some of you were judging me on that one 😉

The complexity and fragrance of this fried rice is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  It’s amazing.

And note, these top 2 images were taken late at night at my house, not the restaurant (for my food blogger friends, whenever I need to use artificial lighting, I use my Lowel EGO Lamps).  I drive 20 minutes each way for take-out on occasion.  I’m dedicated.

This next photo was taken at the restaurant… the lighting there is kinda weird:

raan thai long island

If you saw Black Sticky Rice with Thai Custard on the dessert menu, would you order it?  I wouldn’t.  Ooooh look, they have fried ice cream! would be my typical stupidity shining through.  My buddy Steve told me I had to try this.  It sounds super weird, but…

People.  This dessert is life changing.  Utterly and completely.  You will never be the same.

Raan Thai
203 Terry Rd.
Smithtown, NY 11787

2. Noor Food

noor food long island

Big shout out to Tyler’s brother Bradley for this one.  He stumbled upon this little Halal grocery store in Huntington Station that also happens to serve up a ridiculously good platter of chicken, lamb, and rice.

How good you ask?

Tyler and I have a standing man date every other Tuesday.  We get together to hang out, work on some blog stuff, and another venture I’m excited to tell you about soon.  Every time, we get Noor Food.

noor food on long island

I’m not technically sure of the name of this dish.  It’s literally just called “the combo platter”.  When we call up to order, it goes like this:

Me: Hi, can I get 2 combo platters?

Guy: Red sauce and white sauce?

Me: Yes, and 2 orders of naan.

Guy: butter?

Me: no.

And that’s it, he hangs up.  It’s a beautiful exchange of words that I truly cherish and enjoy.

Inside the combo platter:  A generous amount of lamb and chicken is marinated with all sorts of spices and is grilled on a flat-top griddle.  It’s ever so carefully arranged (read: thrown) on top of seasoned basmati rice and served with a handful of lettuce, and slathered with a copious amount of creamy white sauce (yogurt-mayo based) and fiery red sauce.

Noor Food
1056 East Jericho Turnpike
Huntington, NY 11743


3. Avocados

avocados restaurant long island

I’m a pretty big fan of anything resembling Mexican or Tex-Mex food.  Always have been, always will.

Avocados is one of our go-to places right by our home.

avocados restaurant long island

They have this killer lunch deal.  $7 gets you a drink and either a burrito, taco 3-pack, or a taco salad.  I’ll order a burrito if I’m in fatty mode, but most times, and probably my favorite thing on their menu, is the chicken taco salad.

Taco Salad at Avocados, Long Island

This thing is jam packed with the usual suspects… lettuce, beans, chicken, pico de gallo, sour cream, and guac.  What really makes it for me though, is their honey cilantro lime vinaigrette and smoky chipotle hot sauce.  One of these monster salads and I’m full for a long time.

955 Montauk Hwy,
Bayport, NY 11705


4. Pizzetteria Brunetti

Pizzetteria Brunetti on long island

For better or worse, Long Island is probably best known for The Hamptons.  Well that and Lindsay Lohan… but we’re giving her back.

Side note: there are a bunch of celebrities from Long Island: Billy Joel, all the Baldwins, Steve Guttenburg (Policy Academy, anyone?), Natalie Portman, Jamie-Lynn Sigler.  That’s right, Long Island is awesome.  Respect.  

Sorry, back to the Hamptons.  That little stretch of land way out east on the south shore of Long Island, where the cost of a house is more money than I’ll see in a lifetime ::sigh::   Where the city’s rich and famous go to get into all sorts of trouble during the summer, and Hank Med sets up shop for his concierge medical practice (any Royal Pains fans in the house??).  Asheley loves that show because she can completely relate to Divya, a fellow PA.

I digress.

Pizzetteria Brunetti on long island

Pizzetteria Brunetti on long island

Admist all the glitz and the glamour of the Hampton’s ridiculous opulence hides a little wood-fired pizzeria.

You see a tiny little sign for Pizzetteria Brunetti from the street and walk in.  Don’t be fooled by the Häagen-Dazs ice cream shop front.  That’s not why we’re here.  Camoflauged way in the back of this make-shift food court of sorts is the son-and-pop owned pizzeria, complete with a beautiful wood-fired oven.

Pizzetteria Brunetti on Long Island hamptons

There are a bunch of different pizzas to choose from, and the menu does change pretty regularly with the seasons.  Last visit it looks like I got some sort of shaved asparagus pizza with a beautiful runny egg on top.

The crust is legit.  The toppings are always fresh.  It’s a good personal pizza, albeit the hefty Hamptons price tag ($15-20 per invidual portioned pizza).

And it looks like the place is doing pretty well for themselves, so much so that they just opened a storefront in NYC’s West Village.

Pizzetteria Brunetti
103 Main St.
Westhampton Beach, NY 11978


5. Magic Fountain Ice Cream

magic fountain ice cream long island ny

Besides the whole Hamptons thing, Long Island is also kinda sorta known for wine.  When Asheley and I get a bit thirsty (although she is totally turning into a Napa Valley wine snob lately), we head out east to the North Fork to visit some of the many wineries scattered throughout the more laid back, gentle, rural side of Long Island.

magic fountain ice cream long island ny

But let’s be honest.  One of my ulterior motives for driving out to the North Fork is to stop at Magic Fountain Ice Cream. This little old-fashioned ice cream shop makes everything in house and has become quite the popular place.

You’re free to sample as many different ice creams as you want, which is helpful considering there is about 3,402 different flavors to choose from.  Although I almost flat out pulled a 2-year-old temper tantrum when I found out they didn’t have my normal order of red velvet ice cream last visit, I did really enjoy trying two different flavors…  chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream, and the honey cinnamon, which to my uncontrollable delight tasted just like cinnamon toast crunch cereal.

Asheley went with s’mores ice cream (she’s a sucker for marshmallow), which was quite impressive.  Somehow they managed to maintain the fresh crunch of the graham cracker within the ice cream.  Pure wizardry.  She also got that blue looking monstrosity scoop called Cookie Monster… also a great choice.

magic fountain ice cream long island ny

Magic Fountain Ice Cream
9825 Main Rd.
Mattituck, NY 11952

So there you have it.  5 places to try on Long Island.  Chris tested.  Asheley approved.

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  1. says

    Little hole in the wall places have the best food!
    I don’t eat out a whole lot, but when I do – iut’s usually a little podunk mom and pop store where the food is phenomenal! These are quite a wonderful array of little spots – Noor Food sounds AWESOME!

  2. says

    You know, the one thing I have yet to find in NC is good pizza … I make it myself most of the time which is fine but I loved having a place in DC that was our go-to when I didn’t feel like cooking. And the pizza place you described reminded me of this! haha The quest continues … guess I’ll just have to keep trying new places : )

  3. says

    oh my god our connections just continue to grow! LI girrrl here myself and I am loving this line up, esp magic fountain ice cream – I DIE for them!! such an awesome roundup Chris, and yes I sometimes dream of having a yard too lol

    • says

      Haha yes! That’s so funny, what a small world. So glad you’re a fan of magic fountain also. Lol, and we sometimes dream of having no yard and living in the city!

  4. says

    Such a great idea and guide, Chris! I’m thinking about doing an article now about my small hometown and the food! NY is definitely down on my list for places to travel to and the food looks fab! :)

    • says

      You totally should Jessica! Would love to see an inside look of your hometown! And when you make your way to NY, let me know and I’ll hook you up with a serious eating itinerary! haha

  5. says

    This was one of the best posts I’ve read in a long time, Chris. Loved it! I agree with you that sometimes the best places are the ones that you might not ever walk into normally. They just have a delicious comfort food appeal. Laura and I just went out for wings and pizza at a little place near us last night…nothing fancy at all, but we end up there all the time when we don’t want (i.e. too lazy) to cook. Thanks for sharing your favorites! Now I need to go watch some Police Academy. I definitely own at least one of them…let’s just hope it’s a DVD and not VHS. Hah.

    • says

      Thanks so much David, much appreciated! Isn’t it crazy how some of our favorite places always end up being those little places off the beaten path? Haha, yes… Police Academy! I’d be seriously impressed if you own them on DVD. If not, just rock the VHS haha

  6. says

    We also have a little hole in the wall Thai place in the town over. Best Thai place in a town full of Thai restaurants…it’s always the ones in the most sketchy places that are the best. When my son was little the servers would hold him while we ate…best place EVER!

    I only wish I had a pizza place like that around. Really good pizza is few and far between.

    Loved this post. So much fun to see your favorite places.

    • says

      A town full of Thai restaurants?! Sounds like we need to move to your neck of the woods! Haha, the sketchier the better! And wow, that’s some crazy good service!!

  7. says

    Love mom & pop shops – they have the best food :) Thai food is our ultimate favorite too – we can’t get enough of Pad See Ew and Pineapple Fried Rice but after moving to a small town last year – there aren’t any good Thai restaurants nearby so I have had to learn to make them at home.
    Oh boy, that cookie monster ice cream and marshmallow ice cream sound fantastic – love this guide Chris!

    • says

      Agreed… those small-time places are the best. They often put their heart and soul into the food, and you can totally taste it. Oh man no good Thai by you?! Time to move hahaha