A New Design!

It’s been way too long since my last post, but for a very good reason.  I’m happy to announce that Shared Appetite has gotten a crazy awesome make-over, complete with new logo and layout of the entire website!  It’s been quite the process and such an enjoyable experience.  A couple people to thank:

A huge thank you goes out to the mastermind behind the entire design:  Mike from mathisworks.  This guy is ridiculously talented and worked tirelessly to make me happy.  He put so much passion and thought into every nook and cranny of the design.  If you are ever looking to get any kind of design work done, he’s definitely your man.  Thank you Mike!

Another huge shout-out of thanks goes to my friend Tyler, the go-to for all technical related questions (which there was a ton of).  We’ve met up a bunch of times for hours and hours to go over a laundry list of questions I had about the website and he’s been super patient with all my craziness.  Check out his amazing photography skills at Tyler Anthony Photography.

I’m super excited with the new design and have a ton of new restaurants and recipes to tell you about… get ready!

Browse around the new site and let me know what you think!


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