Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sliders with Avocado Ranch Dressing



for the Avocado Ranch Dressing


  1. Assemble sliders with some slow cooker buffalo chicken, a little lettuce, tomato slice, and a generous spoonful of avocado ranch dressing.

for the Avocado Ranch Dressing

  1. place all ingredients into a food processor and puree until smooth. Store extra dressing in refrigerator with plastic wrap pressed directly onto the dressing. This will help keep the avocado from oxidizing and turning brown.
  2. A Couple Variations:
  3. -for extra indulgence, replace the lettuce and tomato with cooked bacon and potato chips.
  4. -to keep with the buffalo chicken theme, top sliders with pickled carrots and/or pickled celery… or maybe some Blue Cheese (although I’m not a fan of the stuff).