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10 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Cooking


I’m a total nerd.  Always have been.  Always will.  And I don’t just accept my nerdom, I embrace it.

Learning is fun to me, especially when it involves food.  Cookbooks account for 90% of my bookcase.  Stacks of magazine subscriptions clutter every room of the house.  My internet bookmarks bar is filled with various food blogs and other recipe websites.

I recently read this pretty interesting list of cooking tips from chefs put out by Food Network.  And of course that got me thinking about some tips of my own.  Although there is still about 100 lifetimes of knowledge to acquire before I even scratch the surface of the collective culinary world, here is a good start for those of you who are just starting out in the kitchen.  10 very simple, very easy ways to instantly improve your cooking.


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How To Peel Garlic Fast and Easy

Tedious kitchen task no more! Make peeling garlic quick and easy with these two methods.

Go ahead and use this tip to make some recipes with garlic: Roasted Tomato Sauce, Garlic-Lime Chicken Fajitas, Cowboy Beans, or maybe some Guacamole!

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DIY Food Magnets


Want a fun way to hold on to the memory of all those awesome restaurants, eateries, food trucks, bakeries, and other food establishments you’ve visited?  Want a way to display where you’ve been and what you’ve eaten?  Make business card magnets!  They are super cheap, loads of fun, and really easy to make.  And best of all, each time you open the refrigerator, you can remember that unbelievable dish you ate, that special night out, or a myriad of other memories you’ve created around restaurant dinner tables.

Asheley and I love showing off our magnets to friends and family when the come over.  They are excellent conversation starters, and also just look really awesome.  Guests love checking out the places we’ve eaten, and without fail these little magnets help us remember all the fun food memories we’ve created… together.

Here’s how to make your own Business Card Magnets:


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What To Do With Leftover Lemons and Limes

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Want some recipes for all those limes?  How about some Guacamole, Baja Fish Tacos, or Garlic-Lime Fajitas?

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Take Better Food Photos: Build A Light Tent

light tentI’m a terrible photographer.  I have a Nikon d40 Digital SLR camera that has potential to take great photos, but the man pushing the button doesn’t even take it off the “automatic” function.  So lately I’ve been doing some research on how to take better photos of all the food I cook.  There is nothing more frustrating to me than cooking or eating an amazingly delicious meal that is plated beautifully , only to then take a lackluster photograph that fails to capture the dishes true magnificence.

From what I’ve been learning so far, good photos start with good lighting.  Since I do most of my cooking at night, I cannot rely on the preferred natural light.  I really didn’t want to go out and spend a fortune on fancy lighting equipment, especially because I’m an amateur when it comes to photography.  I stumbled upon this really great article about How To Make An Inexpensive Light Tent, so I decided to give it a whirl.  Wow, what an immediate difference, even with just staying on the “automatic” function on the camera!!!  If you want to quickly improve your photographs without spending a lot of money, this is a great (and cheap!) idea:



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