Num Pang Pulled Pork Sandwich

pulled pork banh mi

Does this sandwich look familiar?  If it does, that means I owe you a high five for being awesome and checking out the guest post I did this past Monday over at Kitchen Apparel.  It was a lot of fun taking Sandra’s vegetarian/gluten-free blog hostage for the day and filling it with a healthy dose of meat and wheat.

To reciprocate, Sandra guest posted that crazy trendy recipe for Pickled Green Strawberries for us here.  Apparently she thinks we are all cool and trendy like that :)  She mentioned that a bunch of restaurants are starting to play around with using them, and sure enough, the next day I was on instagram and saw a chef adding them to one of his dishes.  I’m going strawberry picking tomorrow (finally) and am hoping to snag some unripe berries so I can take her recipe for a test drive.

pulled pork banh mi sandwich

Back to this sandwich talk.  Anyone that lives in NYC can probably attest to the greatness that lies in a Num Pang sandwich.  It’s undeniable the culinary prowess those guys have with their Cambodian-inspired sandwiches.  The balance of rich, acidic, sweet, spicy, and fresh flavors is pretty ridiculous.

Every single time we go to the city, I have to hear Asheley casually mention how great it would be to get this pulled pork sandwich from Num Pang.  Sorry hun, but remember how we have reservations in like a half hour?  She doesn’t care.  She wants this sandwich.  Always.  And really, I can’t blame her.

So when I recently found myself starting at a good amount of leftover carnitas in the fridge and already knew how easy it is to pickle onions and carrots, the idea to recreate that Num Pang sandwich slapped me in the face.  Only problem is, now Asheley is asking me like every week to make it for her.

You can see the full post and get the recipe in full over at Kitchen Apparel :)




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